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No sex sux...

I have not gotten laid in 1 whole month... I am so pissed... Mabye I will go mastrubate. I have a hard time understanding why the lack of sex. There is always someone to do it with it is just that no one can get up the Ballz! To carry it all out! I think the worst kind of frustration is sexual frustration. ~Latez~

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I hate sexual lulls.. that's why I love my scarlet vibrator.. ;)
Used it yesterday.
A message to all the girls reading this...do you really want to know how to have more sex in your life? Walk right up to any man you desire...and I DO mean ANY man you desire...and tell him, "I want you to fuck me!" No less than 85 out of a 100 will be more than ready to fulfill your every desire. I don't care who he is or how old or how young he is. Say those magic words to any man, and if you are in any way desirable, that man is yours! Whether he is a perfect stranger, your best friend's boyfriend, your sister's husband, whatever. There is hardly a man alive who can resist a woman who clearly wants him to for sex. And the ones who do are dead and just don't realize it. Take me, for instance. If you, a total stranger, were to walk up to me in a bar and utter those magic words, I'm yours for as long as you want me! Try it...and report back!