Space Cowgirl (cyberjulez) wrote in kizzandtell,
Space Cowgirl


I was kind of upset today.

Hubby went into the shower and I was going to join him for some "good clean fun" and he refused me.. I was in shock. He never refuses the chance to see boobie and touch them! I was sad. Anyway.. That was my sexual moment today. Since I was denied I almost went in the other room and took care of myself so he could be tormented by my erotic moans and such.

I'm brimming on the edge of a break through... I want to do something, but I'm afraid and I'm just scared I guess...
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Damn hunny that sux... But my love life is no better at the moment... I got a question where can I find a scarlett vibrator?

Dude.. I can get you one and send it to you. it's like $8 at my local porn store.

It's scarlet red and has a very velvety touch. It's not any weird shape but it feels great! :)


November 18 2003, 20:32:13 UTC 13 years ago

we wanna see boobies!!!