trubbledone (trubbledone) wrote in kizzandtell,

The Oral Office

One of my clients was in town to observe and make sure we were taking care of her. Well, I never expected to be giving and receiving these kinds of services. We had been flirting on and off through e-mail and phone calls for some time now. We had met in my office several times that week, each time with one of us getting braver and naughtier. Thursday afternoon I told her about how I wanted to test the strength and durability of my desk. She laughed and left, but when she got to the room where we set er up for the week, she e-mailed me and said that just thinking about it had soaked her panties and that her clit was throbbing. With a little prodding and nipple twisting, I got her to come back to my office.....

....She walked back in my office and I immediately got up and closed my door. She could see I was already aroused and when I walked to her, she rubbed the bulge forming inside my pants. "Mmmmmmm.....I want that," she said.

"No, no. Me first." I slid her skirt up to her thighs, lifted her onto my desk and got down on my knees. As she leaned back, I ran my tongue up her thigh to the edge of her black thong. I flicked my tnogue along the edge of the fabric teasingly. I could feel the heat, smell her scent and it was driving me crazy. I nibbled and sucked at her lips through the fabric. Each nibble produced a moan from her and she grabbed the back of my head. Long, hard licks through the fabric had her legs twitching. I slid the now soaked thong over and flicked, nibbled a lip. Tasting her almost made me cum in my pants right there. I slid her open slightly and ran the tip of my tongue just inside her. I traced circles right around the edge of her clit and could tell it was throbbing and just begging to be touched. After a little more teasing, she couldn't take it anymore and neither could I. I wrapped my lips around her clit, sucked it hard between my teeth and flicked it with my tongue. Her whole body arched and came off the desk. She was trying so hard to be quiet, but I don't think she was doing too well at it.

My mouth was now attached to her clit. My lips, my tongue, my teeth....flicking, licking, nibbling, sucking. I slid a finger inside her and bent it to tease her g-spot. In and out while sucking hard on her clit. She lifted her hips off the desk and began to ride/grind my face with her clit. Faster, harder, deeper, my fingers fucked her while she rode my face. I used the wetness on a third finger to slide it in her ass. She immediately came over and over again. She had two fists of hair and her whole body arched and spasmed as wave after wave of orgasm rolled over her body. Slowly, she calmed down and lay back on the desk, spent. She sat up, licked her juices off of my fingers and then sucked it off of my lips with one of the most amazing kisses I ever had.

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