trubbledone (trubbledone) wrote in kizzandtell,

The Oral Office, Part II

And then.....

Sitting up, attacking my lips with her mouth, she couldn't get enough of herself on me. Our tongues twisted, teased, danced, explored each other. Her hands slid down to my belt. "I've never given a blow job before."

"You're kidding me. You've never gone down on a guy before?"
"No, I've done that. I've just never let anybody finish in my mouth before."
"Why not?"
"Because I like it when they cum inside me. ALWAYS inside me." Wow. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. My pants fell to the floor and she slid her hand in my boxer briefs. Then she said,"But I want to taste you." She pulled my boxer briefs down, pushed me into my chair and got down on her knees with her panties still around her ankles. The head of my cock was glistening with pre-cum from being so worked up over getting her off. With her hand wrapped around the shaft, she licked it off with the tip of her tongue. Her tongue swirled around the head and then down the under side of the shaft and back up. She gently sucked that sensitive spot right under the head, making me almost jump out of my seat. Her hand ran up and down the shaft while she continued to tease my head with her lips, her tongue, her teeth. Then she did it.......with her tongue pressing on that sensitive spot, she wrapped her lips around the head and sucked hard. Oh god....I almost came right there. She licked up and down the shaft, sucked on my balls, back up to the head. The nails ofone hand dug into my thigh while the other started pumping my shaft hard and fast. Her mouth followed her hand, but focused on my swollen head. My breathing started getting heavy. She was killing me.

She alternated between sucking the whole head and teasing, flicking, nibbling that precious spot right under the head. All the while her hand stroked the shaft. My legs started to tense, my whole body got tight. I could feel the explosion building inside me. She could sense it too. Her stroking got harder, faster. Her mouth wrapped around my head again. Everything tensed. My whole body, every muscle tightened to one hard bundle of raw nerves. "Oh god," I said. "I'm getting really close." She moaned around my cock and sucked even harder. "Ohhh, I'm gonna cum." I exploded inside her mouth, shooting right down her throat. She grunted when it first hit, but kept her mouth attached to my cock and swallowed every last spurt, every single drop down. The orgasm was so intense, I almost ripped the arms off my chair. She wouldn't let go of my cock with her lips until every last drop, every little spurt, every little twitch in my body calmed. She looked up at me and smiled. I bent down, cupped her face and kissed those amazingly talented lips. We tasted each other as our tongues danced yet again.
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