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My dreams upon waking are usually very vague. But for some reason this
particular one is still very fresh in my mind. It involves someone i find
myself thinking about quite a lot. Maybe that's why i can't get it out
of my head...

I heard a knock at the door and went to answer it. Before i got there
i knew who it was...I just knew. Smiling, i opened the door. There he
was, looking fine in every sense of the word. I stood just looking at
him for a moment, saying nothing. He smiled and said "Aren't you going
to ask me in?" I stood aside and gestured for him to come on in. He
did so. I thought he'd gone into the living room, but he hadn't. He
was stood right behind me as i closed the door, and when i turned
round, i was looking into those eyes. Ohh...those eyes! He kissed me
softly on the cheek and whispered "Aren't you going to lock the door?"
I pulled away and looked at him, grinning. Locking the door meant he
was intending to stay the night. My heart was picking up the pace a
little now, and i couldn't stop smiling. Obediently, i locked the
I took his hand and led him through the living room and dining
room, turning off the lights along the way, towards the stairs. He
took off his jacket and placed it over one of the dining room chairs
as we passed it. I was about to lead him up the stairs when he pulled
me to him, cuddling me, holding me close from behind. I felt little
kisses on my neck, him biting gently, His arms around my waist, my
back to him. I could hear and feel his breath against my cheek. He
began to unbutton the black shirt i was wearing, deliberately taking
his time, while nibbling at my neck. I loved his teasing. His hands
slid up underneath it, cupping my breasts, massaging them gently at
first, then more firmly. running his thumbs over my nipples in that
fantastic way he has. I can feel him getting hard, pressing into the
very bottom of my back, and i smile to myself. "What are you smiling
at?" he asked. I felt behind me to the hardness digging into my back.
"This." i smiled. His hands reached round my waist and unfastened my
jeans. He then spun me around to face him. He kissed me. Hard. Biting
at my lip. Sliding my jeans down slowly. He leaned forwards, easing me
back onto the stairs. I grinned. "The stairs?" He smiled "Why the fuck
not?" and pulled at the bottom of my jeans, throwing them into the
dining room. "Shirt next" he said. "Take it off!" I gave him that
mischievous look..."You take it off!" - He didn't need telling twice.
It was already unbuttoned, and he pulled it off me quite roughly,
which i kinda liked. It joined the jeans in the dining room. There he
stood in front of me. I was at his waist level on the stairs. Where
else is a girl to look in such a situation? I unbuttoned and unzipped
his jeans while kissing along his waist. Biting gently at his sides.
seems he loved that. It was certainly making that growing bulge
twitch. I smiled to myself again, as i pulled down his jeans, very
slowly, kissing each newly exposed part of him. He took off his
t-shirt and let it fall to the floor. He gave me that look. I smiled.
"Not here." and led him to a chair in the dining room, where he sat
down, pulling me onto his lap. As i was sat astride him, I spotted the
washing basket behind the chair, and proceeded to bind his hands with
a pair of tights. He looked intrigued by this and said "What ARE you
doing to me, woman?" then grinned. "Trust me" I whispered "You'll love
this" I then tied his bound wrists to the back of the chair. I didnt
feel the need to tie his ankles too. When i looked at him grinning in
anticipation, i thought to myself "He's going nowhere" and chuckled to
"How do you feel about being blindfolded?" I asked him. "Bring it!"
he smiled. to which i took a scarf and tied it around his eyes. I
padded off quietly to see what delicious delights i could find in the
kitchen. Hmmm toffee dessert sauce. Nice! When i came back i bent down
to his ear whispering "Miss me?" and giggled. I stood back, and i felt
so damn horny, having him here. At my mercy, as it were. I circled the
chair running my fingertips across his shoulders, down his sides.
Padding softly around him, like some wild cat wondering how to toy
with her prey. I whispered to him... "Now i've got you...He was
breathing a little faster, anticipating my next move. I bent forward
and sucked one of his nipples, torturously slowly. Ooh..he liked
that...He had no idea where i was going to touch him next. Kissing and
biting at his earlobes...his neck...his lips. The sharp intakes of
breath told me he was enjoying every minute of it. He was covered in
goosebumps when i'd finished, and ohh...that cock of his was so damn
ready. Then i sat on his lap again. I was teasing myself here too as i
could just feel him twitching, tantalisingly close to touching my
clit. I smiled, reaching for the toffee dessert sauce, i trickled it
all over his chest, and lower. Much lower. It was quite cold, I loved
his sighs, and the way it made him squirm. I watched it dribble onto
his nipple, which i slowly licked and sucked completely clean. He
loved this, the twitching against my clit told me just how much. It
was getting teased by all this too. I leaned forward to share the
sticky sweetness, and cover myself in the toffee sauce too. "Want a
taste, sweetheart?" i whispered. His heart was racing...i could feel
it I offered my toffee coated self to his lips. He let out a sigh as
he took my nipple Into his mouth, flicking it with his tongue, and
sucking it hard. Ohh..."Mmm toffee....." he started to say. I cut his
sentence short by kissing him hard, biting his lip. I decided to
remove the blindfold, I wanted to see those eyes. Wanted him to see
how turned on i was. wanted him to see how much i wanted him. I kised
licked and sucked my way down his body, licking every trace of toffee
from him. He watched my every move. He was so hard now. i knelt in
front of him, running my tongue along the whole length of his cock. he
breathed in sharply, murmuring "ohhh fuck!" i held him in my hand and
now ran my tongue up along the underside, then took him slowly, little
by little into my mouth, sucking gently, flicking away with the tip of
my tongue. Still holding him just firmly enough. God i wanted him. I
reached through the legs of the chair and freed his hands, He now held
my head, and pulled a little at my hair, moving me along him. I wanted
to carry on, but he pulled me to the dining room floor, and armed with
toffee sauce, and a cheeky grin, he kissed his way down my body. I
closed my eyes. Felt the cold sauce, and his hot tongue between my
legs. Ohh..i looked down to see him looking up at me, his tongue
probing inside, sucking, licking, flicking at my clit, licking away
all the sweetness of the sauce.I squirmed, the first wave of an orgasm
was coming already. Hardly surprising. He was flicking his tongue all
over my clit now, and sucking at just the right moment. Oh! I held his
head, grabbing his hair, grinding myself into him. I couldn't breathe.
I managed to gasp the words "Fuck me?......Please?!" Thankfully, i
didn't need to ask again, i don't think i could have. He was there
pushing inside me now. Deep inside me, and we were both all wound up
to hell. The hardness of the floor made it all the better. I came
again almost straight away, I felt him tense up, and shudder as he
came inside me soon after. I saw his face this time, his eyes glazed,
and a fantastic expression of both pain and pleasure. we lay
breathless for a little while...a hot sticky sweaty heap on my dining
room floor. "So this was heaven?" i thought as i wrapped my legs
around him and held him tightly
He propped himself up on one elbow, and looked down at me for a
little while...smiling. Then kissed me softly. "So!" he said "Any hot
water? ...i think we both need a shower." and smiled cheekily at me.
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