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kizzandtell's Journal

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bubblegungurl is the admin of this community. Contact her at BubbleGunSuicide@aol.com for any questions and please read the information below.

Hello everyone. This is a community where you can come to "Kiss And Tell". Come to post recent escapades or just tell us about a story that happend to you. Something that you are interested in sexually. This community is all about sex and when, how and where. I know this is a trashy community but that makes it all the better.

Community Guidelines (updated 9-17-02)

  • You must be 18+ to join this comunity. Upon joining your (profile) will be checked for birth date. Any minors will be baned! If your birth date is not stated and there is any reason to think that you are a minor you will be baned!

  • Remeber when posting, anything that you put in this community may be read by others.

  • Plesae no posting of any personal information. IE: Address, Phone Number, ect.

  • No slander of any kind will be tolerated in this community.

  • Posting pictures whther it be 1 or 10 is welcome but please USE lj_cut's always! For more information on how to use lj_cut's please go here.

  • Any picture post must use lj_cut's. If you do not you will have 48 hrs to edit the entry before having it deleted.

  • This is an open sex related community. No one will ever censor you but, please bear in mind not to be perverse/raunchy "Just Because you can" (In other words. Don't go out of your way just to make your story sound good)

  • When making your first post/entry. Please tell us a little bit about your self. We want to know the person behind the name.

  • Please keep in mind that this is not the place ot promote your community. You may do that at community_promo